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Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton’s life, by William Stukeley William Stukeley's recollections of Isaac Newton's life, 1752
Fossil notebook, by Henry James A field notebook containing drawings of trilobites by Henry James FRS, 1843
Anatomical studies, by Andrew van Rysmdyk Anatomical studies of the lymphatic system, by Andrew van Rysmdyk, 1774
On iron bridges, by Thomas Paine Letter from Thomas Paine to Joseph Banks on an iron arch bridge made at Mesrs Walkers Iron Works, 1789
Specimens of calligraphy and natural history illustration Specimens of calligraphy and natural history illustration, 17th Century
Constitutions of Carolina, by John Locke The fundamental constitutions of Carolina, by John Locke & others, 1681
British grasses and wild flowers, by Richard Waller Illustrations of British grasses and wild flowers by naturalist Richard Waller, ca. 1686-1688